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copy paste from =)


CLAS: H (Cosplay Live-Action Show : Hybrid) is the incorporation of various types of cosplay live performances and event shows. At the beginning, CLAS: H was a non competitive cosplay show aiming at socializing cosplay activities in Indonesia. In 2011, as a continuation of the cosplay event held at Little Tokyo Ennichisai which will be held on July 10, 2011, CLAS: H will hold an International Cosplay Show on July 24, 2011 at the Balai Kartini Nusa Indah Performance Theater.

CLAS:H consists of live performances of cosplay cabaret, live music, and the most awaited cosplay competition with international judges. (Mark Musashi, Naoki Drachen, Pinky Lu Xun, Orochi X, Alodia and also KANAME! XD)


Date : Sunday, July 24, 2011

Place: Nusa Indah Hall Balai Kartini
Jl. Jend Gatot Subroto Kav 37 Jakarta 12950.



1. Cosplay Competition:
A contest in which top 6 teams semi-finalists of Little Tokyo Ennichisai Cosplay Competition on July 10th 2011. Costume, script, choreography, and background digital video is recreated, and exhibit a 3 minutes performance by a two-person cosplayer team.

2. Cosplay Cabaret Show
An art performance replicating the characters in anime, manga, games or tokusatsu, packed in a drama and action of 15 - 20 minutes duration.

3. Live Music
A music performance of famous Japanese artists (hANGRY & ANGRY)



After the 35 teams competed in SEMI FINAL Session
on July 10th 2011 at Jakarta Little Tokyo Ennichisai,

Here are the 6 Finalist Teams :


1. Asterisk LUNAR (Shoryuuden)

2. The Valkyries (Ayakashi)


1. OPJ Duo Kamvret

2. MOE

GAME Category

1. Daikon Sky (Legend of Dragoon)

2. Scarlet (White Knight)


Creator of Dynasty (Dynasty Warriors 6)

Congratulations to all finalist teams! Your team is going to CLAS:H's Final session on July 24th!



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So,who's coming? 8D :iconskyikao: and :iconki-ri-ka:, i, will join the competition, both of us will cosplay as Shu clan from Dynasty Warriors 7. Can you guess what characters will be cosplayed by us? XD

I'm hoping to see friends from neighborhood such as Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand,and so on! So,please come! XD The event will be a blast!

I'll keep this journal update! More informations,please visit

See you guys at CLAS:H ! : D
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Find me in! Here's my new fc2 account i'll post report for every photosession and cosplay convention i attended. And maybe i'll upload some crack photos too XDD Thanks before!

And recently i spent most time in twitter, follow me @kikamuffin! XD


It's almost year end and my plans for this months are:

:bulletyellow: Karin Koenig - Shadow Hearts: Convenant with
:iconskyikao: as Alice
:iconwhiteair: as Kurando
and our Yuri,Anastasia and Saki.
Also :iconalivealf: and :icong4ronk: will join us as photographers, yoroshiku! XD

:bulletyellow: Lin Xiaoyu - Tekken 6 with
:iconbeowolve: :iconsolatomato: :iconwhiteair: :iconrinsuzume: :iconluckysevenstars: :iconmaru027: :iconlantskye: :iconverutos: :iconalivealf: and many more! XD

edited: i gotta pending my xiaoyu due problems with my health oTL xiaoyu will be done for february 2011, i'll do the school uniform XD wish me luck
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What do you guys have in mind about Indonesia? I'm doing a little research for my work and want to know about what my fellow foreigners think of my country. =) no flamming and bashing,please. Your answer is much appreciated,thanks! XD
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I got this shocking news from my friend, its still a rumor, though. You can see here… Oikawa Mitsuhiro is rumoured will take a role as Roy. I didnt know who is he before, but since i saw his photo… OMGIMINLOVEHESTOTALLYHOT. But for a second though, maybe its a no. Since i prefer with FMA: B ending and wont same thing happen just like the previous FMA.

Well now i found new fandom! 8D My Friend suggested me to read Wild Life manga and loooool im totally loving it! Ryoto's is such a hot seme 8D Ryoto x Tessho reminds me to RoyxEd although Tessho is a clueless uke and Ed is a tsundere uke, but i totally love them! XD :heart:
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Thank you for the nice feedbacks,Llamas and watches! I'll reply all of them soon Q_Q/

It just for fun, but i wanna know what cosplay do you want to see most? -no,it's not only for me but for all cosplayers in this whole world 8D-

Personally i want to see Doctor cosplay from Harvest Moon,my friend did once finally x3 but i want to see more =( then what's yours? XD Let me see your answers, thank you XD
There're so many fakers of famous cosplayers on the net,such as Kipi, Arisa, Himeno Shirayuki, etc. And some of them even make a facebook accout which is fake.

My friends and i tired already with those cosplayer faker on facebook =(

I've warned a Himeno Shirayuki's faker @ fb past a month ago, and now she's freezing the account already, but she's not even try to apologizing to the others. Some people on her friendlist who know about this, totally mad and accusing at the faker. The case has closed,then. Now her wall has full of spams already 8D;

BUT, there's also a few people who known as the "followers" of this faker. The followers are stubborn, they keep believing that this Himeno Shirayuki is the real one. I told them that its no use to believe this Himeno, she's a faker afterall. But they're not only stubborn but also accusing me and my friends and saying that we're stupid,dumb, etc ==

Now i confronts another one, faker of Kipi Wakashima. Okay, the faker seems wont go further and freezing the account as well, but THE DAM* FOLLOWERS ARE ANNOYING. THEY KEEP BLAMING US AND YELL THAT WE'RE THE STUPIDS ITSELF.

Now i'm thinking, is it really useless to confront them? == since the followers are louder than the faker itself. Your opinion is needed =(

ps: sorry for bad grammars the typos i did DX hope you guys still can get it =(
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okay .___.

I did a bunch of photosessions last 3 months, including:

:damphyr: Miku Hatsune - Vocaloid
:damphyr: Meiko - Vocaloid Gakuen!
:damphyr: Kanon - Umineko no Naku Koro Ni
:damphyr: Roy Mustang - Fullmetal Alchemist (RoyxEd session)
:damphyr: Selphie Tilmitt - Final Fantasy VIII (All girls session)
:damphyr: Kula Diamond - King of Fighters (All girls session)

i'll post the photos here soon @___@ i feel i've neglected my DA for weeks..


Now here the list of my coplay plan 2010 :D

:bulletyellow: Rita Mordio - Tales of Vesperia
:bulletyellow: Guy Cecil ( Dashing Gent version ) - Tales of The Abyss
:bulletyellow: Pyeong Gang - Shin Angyo Onshi
:bulletyellow: Kurosawa Rei - Fatal Frame 3
:bulletyellow: Fuu - Kingdom Hearts II
:bulletyellow: Yumigami ( Fan art version )- Ookami
:bulletyellow: Kula Diamond ( Days of Memories 1 version ) - King of Fighters
:bulletyellow: Marche Radiuju - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
:bulletyellow: Revy - Black Lagoon

this is the list which is FIXED

and if i have much free time later, i would add these 8D :

:bulletblack: Olivier Milla Armstrong - Fullmetal Alchemist
:bulletblack: May Chan - Fullmetal Alchemist
:bulletblack: Inphyy - Ninety Nine Nights
:bulletblack: Jo - Bakuretsu Tenshi
:bulletblack: Seras Victoria ( Bloody figures version ) - Hellsing
:bulletblack: Mio and Mayu Amakura - Fatal Frame 2
:bulletblack: Noa Izumi - Patlabor
:bulletblack: Nekoi Yuzuriha ( Artbook version ) - X/1999

YES I'M DAMN GREEDY HAHA 8D *slapped* wish my plan would going well.

It seems my health going down because the strict deadline on my works :cry: I tried to pull it allnighter for last 4 days, but that's not a wise choice.

Even i had to blindfold my eye for a day,because i was over-worked..only my left eye, though. But it was baddd DDDX really bad. Now my eyes already normal but i forced to wear glasses -ah,megane world! 8D *slapped* -
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OMG sorry everyone, i didn't sign in to DA past a month because i had a problem with my computer. I suprised, so many deviations and messages hahahaha 8DD very very thanks for comments and favorites, i love you guys :hug:

So many things that i'll submit here..

Finally i did Kula Diamond with my cosplay fellows 8D We even did a skit for Hellofest Cosplay Convention, if you interested, you can see here… Thanks for Verde for the video :glomp: We didn't get any awards though,but it was sooo nice convention! Thanks for friends from Queen of Fighters team who had join my project! We'll do the photosession for January, so i hope you guys had prepared well XD
ps: i hand-sewed my Kula 8DD; because i didn't have sewing machine for leather fabric oTL finished on 2 weeks, but hey...hand sewing is fun! XD i can sew it on my bed so it's not really tiring XD

And i did Selphie Tilmitt again 8D but this time i did her default costume. It was my friend's project, he made FF girls session and i was invited. I rushed the costume only on 2 days LOL :lol: but i suprised how it turned! Quite well 8D I'll post the photos later ^^

For 26 December i'll do Umineko photosession again ^^ this time with Beato-sama,Battler and others! XD I have to prepared my Kanon, specially the wig .__...Wish me luck 8D

:orange: :orange: :orange: :orange: :orange: :orange: :orange: :orange:

Maybe i wont do cosplay for 2-3 months after King of Fighter photosession later, because i have strict deadline with my works.. I did too much cosplays lately, so i have to endure my plans and photosession .__. I'll remanage everything for 2010. ( but it still "maybe" because sometimes i'll be so undisciplined LOL :lol: 8D )But i wont stop to cosplay,surely XD

New year comes with new hopes, so i wish to be better for 2010.

Happy New Year, everybody!

and Merry Christmas too for those of you who celebrate it :hug:

note: again. please pardon my bad English 8D;
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Reminder for me =)

The next are:

1. Kallen Stadfled * Black Knight uniform * - Code Geass
2. Selphie Tilmitt * SeeD uniform * - Final Fantasy VIII
3. Chise - Saikano
4. Assasin Cross - Ragnarok Online
5. Claire - Harvest Moon
6. Refia - Final Fantasy III
7. Yuzuriha Nekoi - X
8. Kanon - Umineko no Naku Koro ni
9. Kula Diamond - King of Fighters
10. Inphyy - Ninety Nine Nights
11. Chao Rin Shen * Festival Outfit* - Magister Negi Magi

um.. so many XD and i still have photosession plans:

1. Jo - Bakuretsu Tenshi
2. Rutee Kartret - Tales of Destiny
3. Maka Albarn - Soul Eater
4. Roy Mustang - Fullmetal Alchemist
5. Mystina - Valkyrie Profile

but thanx God, i've finished those 5 costumes already =)

i hope i can do all of them and handle everything well XD
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